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  • Does PK Hosting offer the website management utilities and Control Panel?

    Yes, PK Hosting is equipped with the enhanced user interface integrated with the efficient cPanel. The customer can easily access the features in the control panel like, SSL certificates, domain registrations and many other splendid features.

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    • Our hosting account featured cPanel has the ability to provide the rich online environment, where the customers can manage their web hosting with ultimate ease.

    Does the installation of software to webhosting account possible?

    PK Hosting gives the customer a freedom to take control on every aspect of their account, like the customers can install various available software with just one click. If the customer shows interest in installing such software which is not included in our integrated software, then one should contact our customer support. PK Hosting offers support for the various languages like, PHP, Perl, MySQL and many other languages; therefore, the versatility in the available languages cuts the limitations when it comes to installing the customized software. PK Hosting believes in continuous improvement, thus we don’t hesitate in adding new available software in hosting account.

    How to monitor disk space and bandwidth usage?

    PK Hosting offers the cPanel equipped with the unique and easy to use tool to monitor disk space and bandwidth usage.

    What are the charges of additional bandwidth?

    You can avail the additional bandwidth by upgrading your account to the larger plans, PK Hosting is offering various flexible bandwidth plans. Just login to your cPanel and update to the larger plan. All the planes are affordable and low cost, the customer can choose their best suited plan there. The customer can look into the current bandwidth usage statistics by just logging into their account, the statistics tool is visually attractive and fast in response.

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Knowledge Base

01. What is the name-based and IP-based hosting?

Name-based hosting account
In the name based hosting the hosting site shares the single IP address, where the server directed the site traffic to the appropriate hosting account after examining the ‘host headers’.
IP-based hosting account
In the IP-based hosting account the hosting site shares the unique IP address with every hosting account. At any time, the customers can convert their name based hosting account to an IP based account by paying an additional few dollars, you may contact our customer support department for more information.

02. Can you upgrade your account at any time?

Yes, the instant account upgrade facility is available, the customers can do this by just a  few clicks.  You must have to pay the specific amount, which will be the difference between the current account charges and new account charges. You need to log into your control panel to perform this action, and there are no extra charges for this upgrade service.

03. What is the method of transferring files to the website?

PKhosting offers easy to use and user friendly File Transport Protocol (FTP) and the web-based file manager for transferring the files. PKhosting also offers an FTP tutorial for the beginners. The web based file manager is easy to use and not demand any extra skills to upload the files.

04. Do the customers have unlimited access to update and make changes to my pages?

Yes, the customers have the unlimited access to their website via the FTP or the web based file manager, there they can upload the file 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. PKhosting provide an ease to update your website while staying at home and enjoy the leisure.

05. How much time will it take to set up a new account?

PKhosting has the quick system of setting up the new accounts, our skilled experts don’t take more then 24 hours to set up the new account.  The customer will receive the activation account notification via email within the 24 hours of placing an order. At that point, a temporary web address may be given to the customer prior to the completion of the other processes like the domain registration, the setting up the existing domain and the domain transfer.

06. Can I develop the business website?

Yes, PKhosting features various tools and application to support every kind of businesses, we appreciate our business website customers and also offer them some special offers.  The World Wide Web has become the efficient and cost effective way of marketing the services and product. PKhosting offers the business plan, which is the least expensive way to business startup and get the maximum output.

07. Can the customer resell or subdivide their space at PKhosting?

Yes, PKhosting allows their customer to create subdirectories, they can enjoy this feature of offering their friends and family members or clients the space, but one this is notables, all the division of space and offers should be within the PKhosting’s policy guideline. However, if a customer plans to resell space than one should take a good look at the Reseller Hosting Plans.

08. Is it possible to host domain names other than .com .net .org .biz .info and .us?

At PKhosting, you can host any kind of available domain names. Please visit our home page to search and order the domain name of your choice.

09. Is it possible to point additional domain names to hosting account?

Yes, you can point additional domain names to hosting account. In other words, the customers can point multiple domains at the same directory.

10. What is WestHost’s DNS information?

The WestHost’s DNS information is given below. This information is useful in setting up the new domain or updating the existing domain name.

Primary Name Server:
Primary Name Server IP:

Secondary Name Server:

Secondary Name Server IP:

11.Will there be any “Forced Advertising” on customers’ website?

No, there will not be any “force Advertising” on the customer’s website, as we believe in providing efficient and uninterrupted service to our customers.  After setting up the account with us, you will have the full control over your website contents and other features. As long as the contents, imagines and any kind of other graphics stays within our policy and guidelines, you have the freedom to express yourself in any way you like.

12. How is billing handled?

PKhosting offers various billing plans, depend on your choice, the customers can choose to pay quarterly, 1 year, 2-year, or 3-year billing. We offer the automatic billing feature, which will automatically deduct from your credit card each billing interval. If you don’t want to avail automatic billing option, there is the other option available called “the manually billing”.

13. Does PKhosting offer discount for Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes, PKhosting offer special discount for the non-profit organizations. The customers of non-profit organization will have to provide us the authentication latter for verification. Such customers can provide us the copy via fax or email us the scanned copy of this letter.