Why PK Hosting?

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  • Why choose PK hosting?

    When it comes to the security, the PK hosting has left no stone unturned in making its technical infrastructure highly secure and efficient, this is the reason we choose the most secure and most impressive data centers of USA. A very strengthen QoS parameters’ observation has made this service the most secure and reliable one.

PK Hosting is built on the following core values

  • Ultimate performance and reliability
  • Personalized and dependable customer service
  • All this is offered at the most economical price
  • Unsurpassed Performance

    PK Hosting maintains its technical infrastructure in a highly prestigious data centers of USA , that is connected to a fully meshed and redundant with 11 backbone providers. Among all the servers maintained by PK Hosting, there exists a further VLAN that is safeguarded by a firewall. A very stringent observation of QoS parameters is what brings you the most reliable service.

    Providing the solutions

    We don’t discuss problems, but finding the efficient solution to every problem is our custom. Every customer has its own requirement, and we know the art of customizing every need to the highest satisfaction level.

  • Reliable and Friendly Support

    Providing the uninterrupted services is one of the top priorities of the PK hosting, this is the reason why more than 80% our existing customers love to refer us to the new customers. Our Pakistan based support team is always available for 24/7/365, you can contact them via chat, phone or the email. We know the need of an active support team for the unremitting functionality of your website.


We have the variety of the product available, which covers simple project, personal websites, small corporate and big business websites. We are offering world class web hosting with some extra feature like one click WordPress installation, private cloud services and many more.


When the customers evaluate the real cost, they come to know that the PK hosting is providing more for their money. Fast hardware, top-notch customer support 24/7/365 can cost the customers few more dollars, but we are commented to provide the efficient services at lower cost.


We are hungry to adopt new technological ideas, which can add relief on the customers’ side. No matter, these new technological advancements are in secure web hosting or the advancement in the support sector of the web hosting, we know the art of putting our money where our mouths are.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Its our 7th year with PK Hosting. We have either had no problems with them or when there were any issues they were addressed within minutes.

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  • Our corporate offices have had very little issues regarding the performance of our hosting services. This is really commendable considering the size of our organization and the magnitude of traffic on our website.

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