Refund Policy

Hosting Accounts

All the hosing products offered by PK Hosting are well customized and truly comply the needs of customers. If any of the customer does not find our services satisfying at any point of time within the 15 days of owning an account, pk hosting will surely issue a refund deducting the amount you have used till the time of the termination, but pk hosting possesses the right to ask you the reason of this termination.

Note: you have to provide us a written note before the first 15 days of owning an active account, any notice after the first 15 days will not be entertained.

Domain Names:

We don’t issue refunds for any of domain names and deduct the amount of domain names that comes free with hosting products.

Hosting Service Renewals

Pk Hosting has made the renewals of the hosting account easy, we have the policy to inform the customers well before the end of first selected hosting service period. In the case of prior account deposit, the specific account will be renewed automatically.