Payment Methods

1. Bank Transfer / Deposit Option:

We also accept the payment through the bank transfer using the online banking account facility (E-Bank Account) or even Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

You can transfer the money to any of below mentioned bank accounts

Furthermore: in the case, if you don’t have a bank account in any mentioned bank, don’t worry. You can still make the payment by the direct transfer to our account, you just have to visit any nearest branch (the only branches of the bank mentioned below) to avail that facility.

Note: There are no additional charges.

Note: don’t forget to email us the information once the payment is made.

Email us your

  1. Invoice no
  2. Order name
  3. Domain name (if any)

We will also require some other information like, branch name where you have deposited the amount and your account number in case of online transfer.

We have our company bank account in following banks:

  • Standard Chartered Bank

    • Account Title: PKHosting
    • Account No: 10-6664520-01
  • Meezan Bank Limited

    • Account Title : PKHosting
    • Account No: 0100781724
    • Branch Code: 0206
  • Silk Bank Limited

    • Account Title: PKHosting
    • Account No: 2002838427
    • Branch Code: 0025
  • UBL

    • Account Title: PKHosting
    • Account No: 0201 459795
    • Branch code: 0357

Note: Please send us following information once payment is made please email us your invoice no/ order name and domain name. We will also need the branch name where you have deposited the money and Your account number in case of ibanking transfer.

2. Easy Paisa Option:

Easy Paisa is becoming the most convenient payment method. It convenience has forced us to include it in our payment method list. Easy Paisa is secure and instant payment transfer option. It is not a daunting task to find an Easy Paisa shop around you. The procedure of transferring money by this method is simple, you just need to visit an Easy Paisa shop near you with your original CNIC.

Procedure of Easy Paisa money transfer:

Visit any Easy Paisa Shop near you, with your original CNIC, and you must have an active mobile number with you, because your mobile number will be required in the whole procedure of money transfer and you will receive the confirmation message for the payment confirmation.

Note: don’t forget to email us the information once the payment is made.

Email us your

  1. Invoice no
  2. Order name
  3. Domain name (if any)

It is also advisable to make a confirmation call once the payment is made.

3. Direct Cash Deposit At Our Office Option:

We always welcome our customers to visit our office, it will be convenient for you if you are the resident of Lahore. Our skilled professional staff will welcome you and make your order booking and processing prompt.

4. PayPal and Credit Card Option:

If you feel convenient to make a payment through the PayPal or the credit card, our customer portal allows the payment also by this method.

Below is our PayPal email address:

PayPal Email: [email protected]

In a very short time, PK Hosting has earned the name as the most reliable and secure hosting service provider in Pakistan. We believe in felicitating our valued customers at every step and try our best to serve them beyond the industry standard. Therefore, we have crafted the payment processing so that every customer around the Pakistan find it easy and secure.

Online businesses are the growing trend among the Pakistani people; therefore, we accept the Pakistani currency (PKP) along with the USD, GBP and Euro as a payment option.