Terms of Service

What is this?

The Terms of Service (TOS) are basically a complete guideline for using our services. It is essential for anyone to read all the terms carefully before using our services.

Use of PK Hosting services implies agreement with these terms!


Here is the Pk Hosting sales department, you can send any question regarding this agreement or
email us: [email protected]

Terms of Service

Pkhosting.com has stretched his web hosting services for the people all around the world. We are responsible for protecting each of our clients and providing the efficient service possible. Following guideline is fabricated the way to ensure the services of utmost quality.
It is requested to read all the clues carefully before placing the actual order.

Service Agreement

It is essential to understand that the PK Hosting services Agreement is a separate agreement between the customers and the PK Hosting. Therefore, it is requested to read all the terms carefully before signing up for or using PK Hosting services.

You may contact our sales department in case of any query.
Link: Service Agreement

Privacy Policy

The Pk Hosting privacy policy contains more specific utilization policies as it is an extension of the Terms of Service. It is your duty to read all the terms carefully before signing up.

You may contact our sales department in case of any query.
Link: Privacy policy


We are here for providing the customer more efficient services, so that the people can make the better out of their lives. Therefore, it is essential for every customer to use these services only for the lawful purpose. Storage, broadcasting or presenting such material which violates any of CYBER LAWS IN PAKISTAN is prohibited. Also, the pk hosting service is against the publication of copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening, and the protective trade secret material and other edict.

Note: PK Hosting is strictly against promoting the Pornography and sex-related merchandising and any kind of sexual content; therefore such materials are strictly prohibited on any PK Hosting server. This condition is also true for the sites which could damage the PK Hosting server or the other serves on the Internet, or contain any sort of prohibited hacking material.
You may contact our sales department in case of any query.

non-acceptable content

• Pornography
• Pirated software
• Prohibited hacking software
• Promoting or Spreading Terrorism or Violence
• Religious attacks
• Email spamming software
• Copyrighted media
• Material illegal under CYBER LAWS IN PAKISTAN

Pk Hosting has the right to terminate or deactivate any site or account on performing the violation of this provision.

System Resource Usage

It is essential to understand that an account can utilize only the specified system resources, if any account will violate this rule and utilize an unacceptable amount of system resources than the PK Hosting possesses the right to temporarily deactivate the account in question.

Unsolicited Email (SPAM)

Using the PK Hosting server to send the unsolicited email or Spamming is strictly prohibited. The customers can’t use SPAM to advertise a site hosted on pkhosting’s network, pkhosting will consider it the violation of the same rule as discussed earlier. We have a strong monitoring system and if a site found to be in such activities then the result will be in immediate deactivation.

Support Abuse

All our customers are respectable and we believe in respecting them and in return we expect the same level of respect. We will have the right to take action against the consumer if he/she found addressing in a demeaning or rude manner with our staff; this action may in the form of account suspension or he/she may be asked to shift the business elsewhere.

Server Abuse

We are really concerned about the security of pk hosting servers and on our customer’s side, therefore; any attempts to undermine or cause harm will be terminated and we will take strict action against it.
The account found involved in such activities will face immediate account deactivation.

Failure to Follow Policies

It is necessary to comply with these terms and condition mentioned, otherwise; the account will be suspended or deactivated.
Every account associated with the pk hosting’s network must adhere to the above policies.

Pk Hosting reserve the right to terminate any account without prior notification. We believe in warn before termination, but in some case we can deactivate the account without any warning.